Sherman + Reilly Wins the 2012 Spirit of Innovation Award!

Spirit of Innovation Award

Sherman + Reilly is the premier manufacturer of equipment used in the installation and maintenance of power lines, both above and below ground. The equipment used, has historically been designed as open for the operator, exposing them to the environment, pollutants, diesel engine noise and fumes and the potential for injury from a fallen power line during installation.

In addition, the equipment allowed the operator to potentially stand on the ground during operation, which exposed them to electrical shock, should an energized condition be experienced. The job of a lineman is ranked by OSHA as the 9th most dangerous in the United States. Sherman + Reilly, as the industry leader, made the decision to improve this situation, educate the industry and insure that when linemen are using our equipment, every one of them gets home every night, no exceptions. This decision began a project destined to change the Utility Industry by introducing its Safe Zone Cab system on all of its new equipment and over time, its legacy products.

The Safe Zone Cab system is a fully environmental operator enclosure, with heating and air conditioning, ergonomic seating, noise suppression, full digital controls, and video surveillance of the external conditions, all guaranteeing the operator remains off the ground and protected from potential danger.

This system represents a major change in the traditional approach to designing stringing equipment. As the product continues to take hold in the utility field, it is expected to emerge as an industry standard.

Sherman + Reilly is “Dedicated to Getting Every Lineman Home…Every Night…No Exceptions.”