Greenlee® and Sherman + Reilly® Expand Hydraulic Battery Tool Line with New 2-Inch Inline Cable Cutter

ROCKFORD, Ill.  and CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (February 8, 2018) – Greenlee and Sherman + Reilly are expanding their line of battery-powered hydraulic tools to include a 2-inch inline cable cutter and all-new cutting jaws for the 6-ton battery tool product line. The new tools have hardened blades to produce clean uniform cuts and feature an ergonomic design making them lightweight to reduce potential jobsite injuries.


“The 2-inch inline cable cutter helps keep up with the trend of increasing cable sizes and helps professionals cut the cable sizes that are being used frequently on jobsites,” said Ryan Berg, Director of Product Management. “The new cutter is engineered to be 30 percent lighter than other models, and its sleek design means operators won’t need to reach as far to make the cut, which will reduce fatigue.”


The Greenlee (ESC50LX) and Sherman + Reilly (SRS197X) inline 2-inch cable cutters include a tacky grip handle for easy, comfortable handling and control. The tools are powered by the 18V Lithium-Ion Makita battery platform for a faster charge time and more cycles per charge.


Inline 2-Inch Cable Cutters

The new inline cutters cut up to 2-inch diameter Copper (Cu) and Aluminum (Al) standard and fine-stranded cable. A single trigger controls all tool functions. The tool’s inline design and 350-degree rotating head allows to easily and comfortably to cut at any angle. Longer tool reach affords accessibility and reduced operator fatigue. A double-click safety option prevents unintentionally engaging cutting blades and the tool automatically retracts when the cutting cycle is complete. An OLED display shows real-time communication and tool maintenance status.


“In addition to the new inline cutter, we are increasing the versatility of our 6-ton battery tool line, which will allow professionals to accomplish more with one tool,” said Berg.


Interchangeable Cutting Jaws

The new cutting jaws for the EK425, EK628 and SRK6X tools (CJ-ACSR1 / CJ-CUAL) are interchangeable, reducing the number of tools needed for a job. A patented locking pin allows for easy jaw installation and removal, and a 350-degree rotating head allows the tool to be held comfortably from any angle. The CJ-ACSR has a capacity to cut up to 477 kcmil Pelican ACSR, 5/16” Guy Strand (EHS), and 3/8” Guy Strand (HS). The CJ-CUAL has a capacity to cut up to 600 kcmil Cu/Al.


All Greenlee and Sherman + Reilly tools are backed by a dedicated service team so customers can trust the experts in power line installation tools and equipment.


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