PTV-6013 is an all-in-one Puller, Tensioner, V-Groove Reconductorer

Chattanooga, TN. Sherman + Reilly, has a new PTV-6013 that operates equally well as a puller, tensioner and V-groove reconductorer, providing utilities and contractors performing a wide variety of jobs with unsurpassed versatility on the jobsite.


“We developed the PTV-6013 to bring together the correct mix of capacity and technology to drive down cost and increase functional efficiency,” said Ryan Berg, director of product management. “Whether it’s stringing new conductor or reconductoring existing circuits and groundwire our new PTV-6013 provides the ideal solution.”

The new PTV-6013 unit can pull out old conductor, wind on a scrap reel, unload with the 18,000-pound self-loading reel carrier, and tension out new conductor all with one machine.  The V-Groove reconductoring channel permits easy handling of splicing sleeves all in a wide range of conductor or rope diameters.

This unit addresses the market need for expanded pulling and tensioning capacities by offering 13,000 pounds of pulling capacity for transmission, sub-transmission and distribution applications with tensioning capabilities of up to 8,000 pounds. The PTV-6013 simplifies the jobsite by reducing setup time for loading and splicing of cable reels, all within a compact 26-foot footprint. By combining puller/tensioner capabilities with a 18,000-pound self-loading reel carrier, the PTV-6013 eliminates the need for additional equipment on the jobsite.

The PTV-6013 features a Safe-Zone® cab providing ultimate safety and comfort for the operator. The Safe-Zone cab employs a floor to ceiling poly carbonate front window for maximum visibility while providing protection against impact. The cab includes climate control, a fully adjustable ergonomic seat, and all required electronic controls and gauges. The Safe-Zone cab is designed to reduce operator fatigue, and provide an “off-ground” envelope for greatly reducing the risk of “touch potential” in energized environments.

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