Construction equipment: Power line stringing and installation equipment

Sherman + Reilly, a manufacturer of power line stringing and installation equipment, continues to drive innovation with the release of a new puller to its Revolution Series, the P-2000X Single Reel Bullwheel puller.

This new transmission class puller is equipped with a 175 HP industrial diesel engine capable of delivering an even 20,000 lbs. of pulling power from the start of the pull to the end and also comes with a fully hydraulic direct drive system.

The P-2000X utilizes an automatic horizontal levelwind that permits overhead rope retrieval with precision control. The puller is equipped with an ACG (advanced control group), that allows for a single operator at a protected central console to control payout speed, pulling speed, levelwind controls, and jack position. The operator controls utilize electronic (CAN-bus)- controller area network communication bus technology, providing for accurate to-the-second display readouts of the machine system status.

The fully hydraulic direct drive system provides the operator with precise and intuitive automatic drive/drum braking. The P-2000X¹s tandem electric brake axle trailer is equipped with four hydraulic jacks, an adjustable pintle eye, safety chains/hooks, emergency brake away switch, and U.S. DOT-approved LED lighting.

The P-2000X features a Safe-Zone Cab providing ultimate safety and comfort for the operator. The Safe- Zone Cab employs a floor to ceiling polycarbonate front window for maximum visibility while providing superior protection against impact. The cab includes climate control, a fully adjustable ergonomic seat, and all required electronic controls and gauges. The Safe-Zone Cab is designed to reduce operator fatigue, reduce distractions to improve operator communication, and to provide an “off-ground” envelope for greatly reducing the risk of “touch potential” in energized environments.

Sherman+Reilly, Inc.
Since 1927, Chattanooga-based Sherman + Reilly has been a leading manufacturer of tools and equipment for underground and aerial transmission, and distribution of electrical power and communications systems, including a complete line of bundle blocks, pullers, tensioners and reel trailers.

For more information please see the P-2000X product page.