Portable Air-to-Air After Cooler
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  • Cools the air to approximately 10°F over ambient.
  • Maximum air flow is 500 CFM.
  • Maximum pressure drop is 3 PSI.
  • Connections are 1” two-prong quick couplings.



About the AC-10 Air Cooler
The Sherman + Reilly Model AC-10 Air Cooler is a portable air to air after cooler used to cool compressor air when using the Cablejet® systems in hot climates. The temperature of compressed air on a hot day can reach as high as 200°F causing the inner duct and cable jacket to become soft and increase friction. The Model AC-10 can cool the air to approximately 10°F over ambient.

The cooling fan is driven by an air motor that uses a maximum of 50 CFM at 60 PSI and the total pressure drop is less than 3 PSI. Mounted on the cooler is a filter, regulator, lubricator for the motor air along with a water separator to remove the moisture before the air enters the Cablejet® system. The inlet and outlet are equipped with standard quarter-turn air couplers for quick and easy hook-up. The cooler can be permanently mounted on an RFDT, cascade truck, or jet trailer application.

For More Information about the AC-10 Air Cooler contact your local Sherman + Reilly Representative or call Sherman + Reilly directly at 1-800-251-7780.

Dimensions: 19” w. x 40” l. x 24” h.
Weight, overall, approx.: 120 lbs.

Please refer to the Product Sheet found on this page under Downloads.