Provide Direct Grounding Where High Induced Voltage is Experienced


  • Aluminum alloy or ductile iron rollers.
  • Block Grounds are available for most S&R blocks.
  • Equipped with grounding studs.
  • Arm and rollers can be rotated to facilitate strining in either direction



About the Block Grounds
The Sherman + Reilly Block Grounds provide direct and continuous grounding between conductor or pulling line and tower, counterpoise system, etc. Swivels, splices, sleeves and grips pass easily; the arm and rollers can be rotated to facilitate stringing in either direction.

The spring action rollers works underneath the wire preventing the block from swaying. Pressure is constantly applied to the conductor or pulling line, provided the lead-off angle is below the horizontal. Constant contact with the wire maintains voltage drain to enhance safer working conditions.

Time-tested and field proven, Sherman + Reilly block grounds were developed jointly with major utilities and have been successfully used to build transmission lines adjacent to energized lines.

Sherman + Reilly block grounds are designed to provide intermediate grounding where high-induced voltage or fault currents are experienced. With higher voltage lines being constructed and right-ofways more congested, it has become necessary to ground directly to the conductor. The rule of thumb is to use blocks grounds at every third tower.

On all bundle blocks used to string more than two conductors, our grounds operate on an eccentric design, which is unique to S+R. This design allows the ground to compensate for the vertical movement of conductors during stringing to ensure continuous positive contact. It also allows for difference in sag between the conductors in the adjacent spans. Sherman + Reilly block grounds are also designed to work with S+R running boards when stringing bundled conductors.

For More Information about the Block Grounds contact your local Sherman + Reilly Representative or call Sherman + Reilly directly at 1-800-251-7780.

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