• Aluminum alloy or ductile iron rollers
  • Block Grounds are available for most S+R blocks
  • Constant contact with the wire maintains voltage drain to enhance safer working conditions
  • Spring-action rollers work underneath the wire preventing the block from swaying


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On all bundle blocks used to string more than two conductors, our grounds operate on a patented eccentric design, unique to S+R, to make sure the grounding rollers are always in contact with the conductors at a minimum of approximately 40 lbs. of force for a positive grounding effect. It also allows for difference in sag between the conductors in adjacent spans.
This is most important as multiple conductors during stringing installations do not stay in the same exact plane at all times, potentially creating a safety hazard if contact with the conductor is lost should a fault current occur.
S+R block grounds are also designed to work with our running boards when stringing bundled conductors.

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