Single-Reel Stationary Reel Stand
8,000 lb. Loaded Reel Capacity


  • Accommodate reels of up to 68 in. OD by 44 in. wide.
  • Disc payout brake for controlled “tail-tension.”
  • Anchor rings and grounding bars at each corner.



About the CRS-68/44
The Sherman + Reilly CRS-68/44 Reel Stand is for stationary holding/supporting of reels for dispensing conductor from a fixed position. Maximum reel size for the CRS-68/44 is 68 in. OD by 44 in. wide with a reel capacity of 8,000 lbs.

Constructed of structural grade steel tubing, all components are welded for maximum rigidity. When properly configured, the CRS-68/44 features integrated manual controls for their hydraulic retrievers. Coupled with a compatible tensioner, such as a T-2608 or T-7212, it can be automatically controlled by the tensioning equipment.  Quick-disconnect fittings allows for rapid setup. This stand is a heavy-duty operator controlled, disc-caliper brake, which assures safe, well-controlled pulls.

Each stand is equipped with four (4) anchoring rings at each corner which make it easy for operators to further secure. It is also equipped with four (4) grounding bars at each corner that facilitate convenient and safe electrical grounding.

For More Information about the CRS-68/44 contact your local Sherman + Reilly Representative or call Sherman + Reilly directly at 1-800-251-7780.

Maximum Reel Size: 68 in. OD x 44 in. wide
Maximum Reel Weight: 8,000 lb., fully loaded
Payout Brake: Hydraulic, 20 in. dia. disc, Al-bronze, electronically controlled
Frame Configuration: Reinforced truss on rectangular base
Frame Construction: High-strength steel tubing, continuous-weld
Length, overall, nom.: 5 ft.
Width, overall, nom.: 7 ft., 5 in. (including payout brake)
Height, overall, nom.: 4 ft., 6 in., (including payout brake)
Grounding: 3/4 in. dia. copper ground loops, 4 ea.
Tie-Downs: D-rings, 5/8 in. dia. steel, 4 ea.
Paint: S+R white

Please refer to the Product Sheet found on this page under Downloads.