Duct Dawg Air


  • BOSS Air System’s air compressor
  • Simplified jobsite setup with fully articulating, self-supported 3-axis boom
  • Wireless remote control
  • Smooth operation with new, 3-speed gearbox
  • Optimized, compact design with a short footprint of under 16 feet
  • Centralized engine controls with CANbus technology
  • Hydraulic direct drive system


Duct Dawg Series Brochure

Duct Dawg Spec Sheet – DDHX & DDHXA


The Sherman + Reilly™ Duct Dawg™ Air DDHXA 75/100 is an underground puller capable pulling 7,500 lb or 10,000 lb with a BOSS Air System’s air compressor. The Duct Dawg Air features a compact, under 16-foot footprint with a fully articulating, self-supported, 3-axis boom. The durable, wireless remote control provides maneuverability and added safety allowing the operator to control the machine from anywhere around the Duct Dawg Air.  The hydraulically driven, twin capstan bullwheels and new 3-speed gearbox provides for a smooth operation. The new CANbus technology provides accurate, real-time display readouts of the machine system status including stringing data and digital line tensions.

Please check product publications for spec sheet.