• Versatile as an Overhead Puller/Tensioner and an Underground Puller
  • Compact Footprint – 16’ Single Axle, Dual Tire Configuration
  • Wrap-Around Cab Enclosure with 30” LED Light Bar
  • Options Provide Flexibility to Configure the PT-3000 to Jobsite Distribution Pulling Needs
  • Centralized Engine Controls Featuring CANbus Technology
  • Cab Operated 16″ Payout Brake
  • Spider® Pilot Line System with Independent Fairlead



The Sherman+Reilly PT-3000 is a single drum, multi-purpose distribution puller/tensioner capable of pulling up to 3,000 pounds overhead and up to 7,500 pounds underground.
It was designed around three core objectives – versatility, economy and reliability. Equipped with a dual purpose hydraulically actuated levelwind, the PT-3000 can handle most utility distribution line build projects. Besides the ability to serve as an overhead puller and a tensioner, the PT-3000 also comes ready to serve double duty as an underground puller with its built in underground sheaves.

The versatility of the PT-3000 is tough to match. Addressing overhead and underground applications, the unit offers a suite of accessories that make the PT-3000 a true workhorse. The frame is outfitted with a curbside motor mount for pilot line winding that utilizes Sherman+Reilly’s Spider® System, an integrated set of special equipment, reels, rope and accessories for fast and easy installation of pulling lines with distribution class conductors.

The optional hydraulically actuated Pad Mount Transformer Attachment (PMTA) in the underground package was added to address tough approach angles and allow for optimized setup for underground pulling applications.

Cramped work areas, narrow easement access and existing structures pose significant challenges to line crews. The PT-3000 addresses these challenges with the single axle, dual tire configuration for easy maneuverability in tight, off-road or wet working conditions.

The multiple functional capabilities of the PT-3000 provide a significant return on investment. Being able to standardize on a common platform to address both overhead and underground applications is key in terms of training time, asset utilization and standard work practices.

Dimensions, weights and capacities are approximate. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

 Pulling Capacity 3,000 lb. (Rated at the top of drum)
Tensioning Capacity 2,000 lb.
Average Line Speed Pulling: 4 mph
Maximum Conductor Reel Size 66 in. O.D. x 38 in. W
Maximum Reel Weight 6,000 lb., with conductor
Spindle Diameter 2-5/8 in.
Drive System Hydraulic, direct drive
Engine Tier 4 Diesel, 45 hp, water cooled
Centralized Engine Controls CANbus operating system
Hydraulic Fluid ISO Grade 32
Hydraulic Reservoir 25 gal.
Fail-Safe Brake Spring-applied, hydraulic pressure released
Fuel Capacity 18 gal.
Operator Enclosure Open/Half enclosed cab
Frame Construction Steel tubing, continuous weld
Length, overall, nominal 16 ft., 9 in.
Width, overall, nominal 8 ft., 5 in.
Height, overall, nominal 9 ft., 5 in.
Net Weight, no options, nominal 3,995 lb.
GVWR 10,000 lb.
Suspension Leaf Spring
Wheel Configuration & Tires Dual, 235/85 R16
Axle Configuration Single
Brakes, Trailer Electric, with break-away switch
Front/Nose Jacks Hydraulic
Rear Jacks 2 Hydraulic
Towing Attachment 3 in. adjustable pintle eye
Safety Chains 2 each, with hook
Electrical System 12 VDC
Battery 12 V, LED, U.S. DOT-approved
Grounding Four 3/4 in. diameter copper-clad steel loops
Tie Downs Two 5/8 in. diameter steel D-Rings
Tie Off Point Tie off point at rear bumper, 3,000 lb. at 45°
Fire Extinguisher ABC
Paint S+R White
Payout Brake Hydraulic with electric controls
Levelwind Overhead / Underground hydraulic

Overhead Drum Core 18 in. / Width 30 in. / Flange 46 in.
Underground Drum Core 12.75 in. / Width 31.75 in. / Flange 24 in.

Spider – Pilot Line System with Integrated Levelwind

S-75 Core 20 in. / Width 9.25 in. / Flange 27.25 in.
S-85 Core 20 in. / Width 14.5 in. / Flange 30 in.

Pad Mount Transformer Attachment

RCR-60 Reconductoring Reel