• Capable of pulling up to 3,500 lbs. with additional re-conductoring capabilities, and tensioning up to 2,000 lbs.
  • Fully hydraulic direct drive system
  • Equipped with CANbus technology



  • Sherman + Reilly™ Revolution Series PTX-3500 Single Drum Puller Tensioner is a multi-purpose puller and tensioner capable of pulling up to 3,500 lb, with additional reconductoring capabilities. This distribution class puller utilizes a semi-automatic horizontal levelwind that permits overhead rope retrieval with precision control. The PTX-3500 is equipped with an ACG (advanced control group), allowing for a single operator at a protected central console to control payout speed, pulling speed and tension, and levelwind controls.  The operator controls employ electronic machine control with CANbus technology, providing for accurate to-the-second display readouts of the machine system status.
  • The operator controlled hydraulically actuated levelwind helps ensure even distribution of rope during pulling operations, thereby minimizing the risk of tangles and overlap, and maximizing rope life.  The levelwind design also allows for an upright standby positioning during payout and tensioning operations.  The PTX-3500 is equipped with either a turbo-charged industrial Tier 4 Final diesel engine that delivers 71 HP at 2700 RPM and 3,500 lb of line pull, at the top of the drum, or alternatively a 87 HP gasoline engine.  The fully hydraulic direct-drive system provides the operator with precise and intuitive automatic drive/drum braking.  The PTX-3500’s single-axle trailer is equipped with three hydraulic jacks, an adjustable pintle eye, safety chains/hooks, leaf-spring axle suspension, and U.S. DOT-approved LED lighting.
  • The PTX-3500 features a Safe-Zone® cab providing safety and comfort for the operator.  The Safe-Zone cab employs a floor to ceiling polycarbonate front window for maximum visibility and protection against impact.  The cab includes climate control, a fully adjustable ergonomic seat, and all required electronic controls and gauges.  The Safe-Zone cab is designed to reduce operator fatigue and provide an “off-ground” envelope for greatly reducing the risk of “touch potential” in energized environments.

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  • UG attachment
  • Spider® Pilot Line System with independent levelwind
  • RCR-60: Core: 24 in. to 18 in. tapered
  • Total Outside Width: 39 in. (Flange Diameter: 60 in.)
  • Underground Option with UG Drum 24 in. OD, 31.75 in. W, 3/8 in. X 2000 ft., 6X25 IWRC, and E-49 Swivel
  • RDG-2100 Rotating Distribution Ground
  • DG-4100 Running Ground
  • Solar Battery Charger