Dua-Pull® Grips are the Highest Strength Pull Grips Manufactured for Overhead Transmission Line Stringing Applications


KELLEMS™ Dua-Pull® Feed Tube | Punch-Lok® Bands

  • Dimensions, weights, and capacities are approximate.
  • Manufacturer’s specifications subject to change without notice.
  • All dimensions shown are in inches unless otherwise specified.

Dua-Pull® Pulling Grip
(Kellems™) |
Flexible Eye Overhead Grip (Kellems™)

  • Ideal for Sherman + Reilly Uniline™ rope
  • Up to 200% stronger than other high-strength Pulling Grips
  • Dua-Pull® mesh design offers improved holding power
  • Recommended for pulling bare or insulated conductor, cable, wire rope, and synthetic ropes



The KELLEMS™ Dua-Pull® Feed Tube is used when assembling synthetic rope into the Dua-Pull® Grip. It is required on the largest two sizes of Dua-Pull® Grips. Feed Tubes are available for use on all size Dua-Pull® Grips. The Feed Tubes are a one-piece assembly made of lightweight aluminum construction. The nose cone is tapered and the body is a thin-walled tube. A hard coat finish is on the Feed Tube to reduce friction of the metal to metal contact.
Complete installation instructions are shipped with each Feed Tube.

Punch-LOK® Tools and Bands
The Punch-Lok® bands are applied over the tail of Dua-Pull® Grips to prevent the mesh from being stripped or pulled loose. Also, it ensures full gripping action by locking the mesh of the tail in tight contact with the cable or rope. When a Grip is used such that the tail is a leading end, the Bands are particularly important to prevent an accidental release caused from tripping by any obstruction. A conductor-to-conductor (double-socking) pulling operation is a good example: where two grips are used to connect two connectors together to form a temporary splice. Two bands should be double wrapped to the ends of the Grips.
It is also common practice to tape over the banded tail area to ensure smothe passage through the sheaves.

P-1® Locking Tool
Designed for fast, economical application of the Punch-Lok® clamps, the portable P-1® weighs only 2-1/2 lbs. Drop forged and double-plated tempered steel. Comfortable ball handle for tensioning clamps. Model D-229 Adapter fits under pusher nose to apply 3/8” clamps, included.

Dua-Pull® Pulling Grip

Dua-Pull® Grips from KELLUMS™ are the highest strength Pull Grips manufactured for overhead transmission line stringing applications. They have a dual function of working with both bare and insulated conductors and synthetic rope not provided by any other Grips.
Key to the exceptional strength and gripping ability of the Dua-Pull® Grips is its two under-two over mesh design. This puts more steel mesh in contact with the surface of the conductor or rope, thereby increasing gripping ability even on slick, stretchy synthetic ropes. Dua-Pull® strengths and gripping have been increased over conventional high-strength Pull Grips by as much as 200 percent. Dua-Pull® Grips are as strong or stronger than most of the high-strength conductors and ropes made.
Only six sizes are needed when selecting a Grip. Dua-Pull® fits conductor diameter ranges from .19 to 1.90 inches and rope diameter ranges from .25 to 2.10 inches. Approximate breaking strength ranges from 6,500 to 66,500 pounds. This range covers most utility and high line stringing operations. Larger sizes will be manufactured to meet specific requirements.
In answer to the need for a simplified way to select the correct Grip to fit rope or conductor, Kellums has color-coded each of the Dua-Pull® Grips. Color has been applied to a sleeve above the Grip collar representing the rope or conductor diameter range with which the Grip is to be used. There can be no mistake in selecting the correct Grip for the job. With the help of the hand Dua-Pull® selector chart, jobsite Grip selection is accurate, easy and fast.
S&R swivels and the pulling line connectors are available for mating Dua-Pull® Grips for line stringing applications. The swivel provides complete independent rotation between the conductor and the pulling line. The connector is designed for applications where swiveling action is not desired. Dua-Pull® Grips will also accommodate the self-dampening conductors (SDC), but special installation is required. Consult the conductor manufacturers for information.

Flexible Eye Overhead Grip (Kellems™)

For rope, select smallest size grip that meets required working load. Double braided rope, as 2-in-1 type, should be back spliced for approximately 2/3 of the mesh length for best results.
NOTE: Do not run grips or swivels over bullwheels while under tension. Banding is required for maximum reliability and to guard against accidental release.

KELLEMS™ Dua-Pull® Feed Tube 


Punch-Lok® Bands


Dua-Pull® Pulling Grip (Kellems™)


Flexible Eye Overhead Grip (Kellems™)


  • KELLEMS™ Dua-Pull® Feed Tube
  • Punch-Lok® Tools and Bands
  • P-1® Locking Tool
  • Dua-Pull® Pulling Grip (Kellems™)
  • Flexible Eye Overhead Grip (Kellems™)