• Bands applied over tail of pulling grips to prevent mesh from stripping or pulling loose.
  • Locking tool provides fast application of clamps.
  • Clamp cutter removes clamps with minimal effort.



About the Punch-lok® Pulling Tools & Bands
P-1™ Locking Tool
Designed for fast, economical application of Punch-Lok™ clamps. The portable P-1™ weighs only 2-1/2 pounds with the drop forged and double plated tempered steel construction. Comfortable ball handle for tensioning clamps. Model D-229 Adapter fits under pusher nose to apply 3/8” clamps, included.

D-550 Clamp Cutter
Powerful 14” cutter removes any punch-type clamps with minimum effort. One jaw cuts, the other jaw holds. Rugged drop forged heat treated high carbon steel construction; double plated.

311 Bands
Punch-Lok® bands are applied over the tail of Dua-Pull® Grips to prevent the mesh from being stripped or pulled loose. Also, it ensures full gripping action by locking the mesh of the tail in tight contact with the cable or rope.

NOTE: Two Punch-Lok bands shall be firmly attached approximately one inch and two inches from the Gripʼs tail. When a Grip is used such that the tail is a leading end, the Bands are particularly important to prevent an accidental release caused from tripping by any obstruction. A conductor-to-conductor (double socking) pulling operation is a good example: where two grips are used to connect two connectors together to form a temporary splice. Two bands should be double wrapped to the ends of the Grips. It is also common practice to tape over the banded tail area to ensure smooth passage through the sheaves.

For More Information about the Punch-lok® Pulling Tools & Bands contact your local Sherman + Reilly Representative or call Sherman + Reilly directly at 1-800-251-7780.

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