For Winding/Recovering Used Conductor


  • Reel splits for easy removal of wound conductor
  • Banding/strapping may be inserted onto reel before winding old conductor
  • 60 in. OD reel size
  • Compatible with Sherman + Reilly PT-3500, PT-7500


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The Sherman + Reilly RCR-76 Reconductoring Reel is designed to replace the use of wooden conductor reels for winding or recovering used conductor in overhead or underground work. The compressive load can easily crush wooden reels when they are used to remove old conductor. The RCR-76 is a rugged, two piece weldment that withstands forces that could normally destroy wooden reels during conductor removal.

Reel Capacity: 7,000 lb. (of added conductor)
Reel OD: 60 in.
Reel Width, outside: 39 in.
Reel Width, inside transverse: 31in.
Reel Core Diameter: 24 in. to 18.5 in.
Reel Weight, nom.: 1,090 lb.
Reel Hub Size: Accomodates 3 in. reel shaft
Reel Material: Steel, continuous-weld
T-Handle Wrench: Included
Lifting Tongs: Optional
Pulling Capacity: 4,000 lb.