Mount/Controller for Spider System Reels
Single-Reel Capacity of 3000 ft. or 6000 ft.


  • S75C accommodates either S75SR or S85SR Reels.
  • May be mounted on any-material pole with adjustable-chain mount.
  • May be mounted on wood poles with single lag screw.
  • Brake permits pulling of rope but engages when rope is slack.
  • Winch and PT shaft adapters available.



About the S-75C and S-85C
The Sherman + Reilly S-75C and S-85C controllers work with SpiderĀ® Pilot Line System. It can be mounted to wood poles with a simple lag screw or on non-wood poles with the adjustable chain tightener. The brake on the controller permits the storage reel to pay out the pilot line when the rope is pulled and engages when the rope is slack eliminating the need for backwinding and holding tension during the installation of the pilot line.

The S-75 controller accommodates S-75SR storage reels, and can be modified to accept the S-85SR too. The S-85 accommodates either S-85 or S75 storage reels. Sherman + Reilly controllers require no adjustments for braking during operation.

For More Information about the S-75C and S-85C contact your local Sherman + Reilly Representative or call Sherman + Reilly directly at 1-800-251-7780.

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