Fast, Easy, Distribution Stringing
Complete System


  • Matched system of equipment, pole reels, rope & accessories.
  • Facilitates concurrent deployment of up to 4 lines.
  • Eliminates need for “finger lines.”
  • Eliminates climbing, tying, untying, and vandalism associated with finger lines.



About the Spider® System The Sherman + Reilly Spider® System is an integrated set of special equipment, special reels, rope, and accessories for the fast and easy installation of pulling lines for the installation of distribution-class conductors.

The conventional method of installing a pulling line requires hanging “finger lines” at each pole along the installation route. Specifically, each pulling line must be must be tied and untied to each pole using the finger lines as the pulling line is “walked” through the route. Not only is much labor involved in the tying, untying, and climbing, but the finger lines are left dangling and subject to overnight vandalism. The Sherman + Reilly Spider® System, however, eliminates the finger lines and greatly reduces the risk of vandalism, and greatly reduces labor and time needed to install pulling lines.

The main elements are a positive-braking controller that is mounted at any height on the lead pole and a storage reel with Spiderflex Rope that mounts on the controller. Once controllers and reels (with rope) are mounted on the lead pole, a lineman takes the pilot lines up with him and lays them in the stringing blocks as he frames the pole. After these lines are pulled out, they can be tied off under tension and left until time for stringing the conductors. When the pulling line is ready to be installed (pulled in), the S-785 Spider® Puller may be used.

Alternatively, the original storage reel can be mounted on either a pole-mounted winch or on a line truck winch for pulling in the pulling line. S+R Adapters are available for this purpose. This allows the storage reel to rewind the pilot line, thus “hauling in” the pulling line under tension. The Spider® System can be also adapted for use with S+R Puller-Tensioners.

For details, please link to:
S75C & S85C Controllers
S75SR & S85SR Storage Reels
Spiderflex Rope
S-785 Spider Puller/Trailer

For More Information about the Spider® System contact your local Sherman + Reilly Representative or call Sherman + Reilly directly at 1-800-251-7780.

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