• Most cost-effective underground puller
  • Compact and rugged for remote jobsites
  • Rope entry at a fixed point for better anchorage
  • Even, constant pulling force
  • Equipped with a tension dynamometer and adjustable overload cut-off
  • Available as Pad Mount Transformer Adapter with A-Frame (as pictured) or skid mounted



About the UD-50 Underground Puller

The S+R™ Under Dawg® underground puller (Model UD-50) is unquestionably one of the most cost-effective underground pullers in the world, and the reasons are obvious!  Compact, yet rugged, this self-contained machine does big jobs yet its small size lends itself to small ones as well.

This small, lightweight, highly efficient and reliable machine utilizes bullwheels shaped to fit the rope diameter for longer life of the pulling line. These multi-groove, open side bullwheels provide smooth, constant tension on the cable during the pulling operation. The UD-50 is self-contained, utilizing an 10 H.P. gasoline engine, and has a 5,000 lb. pulling capacity.

The UD-50 is fitted with a dynamometer and adjustable overload cut-off for protection against over-tensioning the cable. This easy to operate, economical power unit is mounted on a rugged frame constructed of welded steel tubing and is available skid-mounted or mounted on a trailer for easy transporting to and from the job site by a light weight truck.

The Sherman + Reilly™ UD-50 underground puller is ideal for installing telecommunication cables, including optical fiber cables, inner-duct, and slip-lining, etc.

For More Information about the UD-50 Underground Puller contact your local Sherman + Reilly Representative or call Sherman + Reilly directly at 1-800-251-7780.

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