Sherman + Reilly has introduced an entirely new approach to overhead and underground power line and telecom installation: The Revolution Series. It is the result of 85 years of heritage meeting consistent engineering excellence focused on making the lineman’s job safer, his labor more efficient, and his equipment better utilized.


For enhanced safety, all S+R products that carry the Revolutions Series label feature:

  • The Safe-Zone® Cab for the equipment operator
  • A low center of gravity so as to improve on-the-road stability
  • Intuitive electronic controls, all located within the cab
  • Booms powered hydraulically and positioned by the operator using a joystick
  • Video displays in the Cab showing the view from boom-mounted cameras to assist positioning
  • Wireless remote controls

Industry Leading Ergonomics

For enhanced ergonomics, all S+R products that carry the Revolution Series label feature:

  • Fully controlled operator environment
  • Option for Safe-View camera to display an enhanced view of the work area around the equipment
  • One-button, auto-leveling hydraulic jack system
  • A transportation-class ergonomic seat to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity
  • Operator-controlled work-area and task lighting
  • Booms with a nearly 180º positioning arc reducing the need for trailer re-positioning

Universal Upgrade Platform

For enhanced equipment utilization, all S+R products that carry the Revolution Series label feature:

  • Single-axle design for improved maneuverability, on site and on-the-road
  • Product upgradeability within families for new features and capabilities, extending usable life and equipment budgets