by Sherman & Reilly

The Safe-Zone® Cab is one of the signature embodiments of the Revolution Series. Some configuration of the cab is found on every piece of Revolution Series equipment.


  • A single-platform, modular family of enclosures for equipment operators
  • All are equipped with:
    • Adjustable ergonomic transportation-class seat
    • Full set of operator’s controls, monitors, and gauges
  • Designed to:
    • Minimize operator fatigue
    • Enhance operator and crew safety
    • Enhance operator and crew productivity


  • Minimized operator fatigue, meaning:
    • Faster task completion
    • More work done per operator shift
  • Reduced risk of operator error, leading to:
    • Reduced risk of injury/death
    • Reduced risk of damage to equipment and/or infrastructure
  • Enhanced safety, resulting from:
    • Reduced risk of “touch potential” in energized environments
    • Improved communications (quieter environment with the Cab)

Configurations and Options

  • Half-cab, sitting (roof & front pane/screen)
  • Full-enclosed, sitting
  • Full-enclosed, sit & stand
  • Full enclosure with doors and AC/heat (full-enclosed only)
  • Task lighting
  • Task/boom video camera (U-Series only)
  • Safety video camera (U-Series only)
  • Proximity alarm (to warn of crew encroachment into the work area)
  • Controls, displays, and gauges to match equipment & tasks
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