Not sure what you need?

If you are unsure as to exactly what products you need or what you should have quoted, you may get help by consulting your Sherman + Reilly Rep or the Technical Support section of this site. If unsure who the proper Rep is, you may refer to the Rep Finder tool on this site.

Sales, Service & Support hours are extended until 7 pm EST

Place an Order

Assuming you know what you want to order, and you are satisfied with the quoted price and delivery, you may place an order by either:

  • Consulting your Sherman + Reilly Rep. If unsure who the appropriate Rep is, refer to the Rep Finder tool on this site.
  • Refer directly to Sherman + Reilly via:
    • 1-800-251-7780 and ask for “Orders”
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In addition to typical buyer information needed to place an order (e.g., buyer contact information, ship-to-address, invoice address, payment information, etc.), please be prepared to identify the Quote Tracking Number of any quote that is associated with the order.

Accepted payment methods include:

  • Credit card
  • Invoice to an established account
  • Wire transfer

Once the order has been entered, the buyer (and/or others designated by the buyer) will receive a confirmation of the order from Sherman + Reilly within 48 hours. This confirmation will include the expected ship date of the ordered products based on the conditions that prevail on the day the order is confirmed.

Depending on the nature of the ordered product and/or other conditions, a deposit may be required from the buyer before the order will be scheduled for fulfillment.