Not sure what you need?

If you are unsure as to exactly what products you need or what you should have quoted, you may get help by consulting your Sherman + Reilly Rep or the Technical Support section of this site. If unsure who the proper Rep is, you may refer to the Rep Finder tool on this site.

Effective September 10, 2012: Sales, Service & Support hours will be extended until 7pm EST.

Rental and Leasing Program

  • Sherman + Reilly maintains the Largest Rental Fleet in the Telecom Business and offers select equipment for rent in the Power Industry. Equipment is available for short-term rentals as well as a lease/purchase program. Please contact us for more information on this program as well as for pricing.
  • Refer directly to Sherman + Reilly via:
    • 1-800-251-7780 and ask for “Quotes”
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