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The dedicated Sherman + Reilly Service Center offers a full suite of service solutions to support used equipment, including re-manufacturing, re-roping and preventative maintenance.  Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, our mechanics are equipment experts and have the skills to make your piece of equipment run like new. The Service Center can provide:

  • Re-roping
  • Replacing or rebuilding the engine
  • Replacing or rebuilding hydraulic components
  • Reworking the electrical system
  • Repainting and reworking the trailer
  • Replacing all placards and decals

Please be prepared to help us correctly identify the model, the individual piece of equipment, and the part(s) of interest. The Operator/Parts Manual for the product in question may be useful in identifying the part(s). You may be asked for:

  • VIN and/or serial number(s)
  • Photos of ID plates
  • Photos of the equipment
  • Photos of the part(s) of interest
  • Diagrams or other records of modifications
  • Actual parts of interest (sent to S+R to aid identification and/or reproduction)

Blocks Repair Program

The dedicated Sherman + Reilly service team can transform your old blocks to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost compared to buying new. Save time and money by sending in your old blocks today:

  • 72 series blocks
  • 74 series blocks
  • 78 series blocks
  • Spider Systems
  • Bundle Blocks

Block Repair Program

  • Relining sheaves
  • Replacing sheave pins
  • Replacing worn hardware
  • Evaluating and replacing bearings
  • General functional and safety inspection

Sherman + Reilly takes pride in delivering quality products that are built to last. Contact us today to support all of your service needs.